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About Black Heart Association

About the Association

Black Heart Association (BHA) is an organization that strives to be the conduit between the black community and heart health.

We promote healthy hearts by advocating for people of color, primarily in underserved communities where there is little or no access to health care.

Our organization was founded by a survivor, and therefore we understand the importance of early detection. BHA takes action through our advocacy to help individuals understand the causes, effects and symptoms of heart disease and taking action to help prevent heart disease in those that are high risk.

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of research, prevention, treatment, and education surrounding heart disease in the Black communities.

Our Mission

To significantly lower the number of Black deaths caused by heart disease and stroke each year. Our organization aims to bridge the gap between the black community and proper screening,  and health care. Our mission is to empower others to become advocates against heart disease and educate our community on how to live longer, healthier lives.

Tara Robinson

CEO & Founder, Heart 2 Heart Story

After suffering three heart attacks over the course of one week, with the last nearly claiming her life, Tara Robinson discovered that she was in a fight for her life. She would later realize that the black community was silently losing that same fight against heart disease, so she decided to fight back! Together with her husband, The Black Heart Association (BHA), was created through their survivor story, to fight for the thousands of minority men, women and children, and their loved ones, who will experience the negative impact of heart disease or stroke each year.

Tara believes there’s no one better to take up the mantle of reaching and awakening the hearts of the black community as it pertains to defeating heart disease and stroke than a survivor. As the CEO and Founder, Tara Robison strives to lead an organization that will be the conduit between the black community and heart health.


Black Heart Association

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Corporate Headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas