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There are two types that BHA most commonly focuses our resources towards:

Cardiovascular disease (CVD)

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels. CVD includes coronary artery diseases (CAD) such as angina and myocardial infarction (commonly known as a heart attack). Coronary heart disease is the most common form of heart disease. Often referred to simply as “heart disease,” it is a disorder of the blood vessels of the heart that can lead to a heart attack.

Cerebrovascular disease

Cerebrovascular disease refers to a group of conditions, diseases, and disorders that affect the blood vessels and blood supply to the brain. If a blockage, malformation, or hemorrhage prevents the brain cells from getting enough oxygen, brain damage can result. Cerebrovascular diseases include, transient ischemic attack (TIA), aneurysm, vascular malformation or most commonly what we call stroke.

Both potential lifelong conditions will steadily worsen unless you make changes in your daily habits and can lead to death if untreated.

The Problem

Since 1902 heart disease has been the number one killer of all people. According to the Center for Disease Control, the cost of heart disease in the U.S. is about 200 billion dollars a year. It is the leading cause of death in this country, being responsible for one of every four deaths annually.

These figures are further exasperated among African American adults with 48% of Black women, and 46% of Black men being diagnosed with some form of cardiovascular disease each year!

The Solution

We will work tirelessly within underserved communities where access to healthcare, healthy foods and fitness facilities are limited. We will educate people of color on heart health, lifestyles and help them to detect early symptoms of heart disease and or work to mitigate the effects of it.

We will do this through online and print publications, organized events and presentations, and participation in events and conferences. We hope to raise consciousness about heart disease and stroke issues in Black communities around the world and reach our goal of 1 Million screens to save lives.

The Outcome

The Black Heart Association was created to change these numbers, and the narrative! Additionally, we are extremely vigilant in our fight to spread awareness, as well as advocate for policy changes regarding this deadly disease. Each and every day, we pride ourselves on fighting, not just for those who suffer from heart disease, but also for their loved ones who will indirectly experience the negative impact of these horrific illnesses.

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